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    May 19,2016

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    Apr 19,2016

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Dear sir, could you provide the FOB price for the following product: Could you please provide a quotation for the following products : ---------------------------------------------- Aluminium mirrors 2mm 60x30 Aluminium mirrors 2mm 60x40 Aluminium mirrors 2mm 40x30 Aluminium mirrors 3mm 84x65 Aluminium mirrors 3mm 96x72 Aluminium mirrors 5mm 130x84 Aluminium mirrors 6mm 130x84

Clear Float Glass 3mm 96x72 3mm Clear Float Glass 5mm 130x84 Float Glass 5mm 130 x 84 (Bronze) Float Glass 5mm 130x84 (Sky Blue) Clear Float Glass 6mm 130x84 Clear Float Glass 10mm 130x84 Laminated Glass 5mm 130x84 (Clear) Laminated Glass 5mm 144x 84 (Sky Blue) Laminated Glass 5mm 130x84 (Cobalt Blue) Anti-Reflective Glass 2mm 86.5 x 47 Reflective Glass 5mm 130x84 (Bronze)

Note : -Quotation to be quoted in Square foot -Place of destination:Dominican Republic I look forward to hearing from you .

Best Regards, Dorjragchaa Naran

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