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Looking for blank Lead Crystal

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    Oct 19,2008

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    Aug 20,2008

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would like to introduce ourselves. I represent a Latin American leading company on the glass industry not only on the domestic arena, but also abroad. It has presence on almost every country in Latin America and serves other markets including the United States and Spain as well. Our company is now in China looking for the best suppliers. We have been looking at your company's profile and decided to include you on our database as a potential supplier. The product that we are interested on buying in China is blank Lead Crystal ( Not Optical Crystal) with specific sizes and shapes between 24% to 33% lead content. It is mandatory that the lead percentage in the crystal is between the ranges established. DESCRIPTION / DIMENTIONS QTY. STRIP 250 x 400-600 x 25-27 MM. 160 STRIP 250 x 400-600 x 30-35 MM. 150 STRIP 250 x 400-600 x 40-44 MM. 160 STRIP 250 x 400-600 x 50-55 MM. 120 STRIP 250 x 400-660 x 70-75 MM. 150 TRIANGULAR BAR 100 x 100 x 400-600 MM. 50 SQUARED BAR 108-113 x 600-660 MM. 60 ROD 80 DIAM x 960-1060 MM 60 STRIP 150x610x25-27 MM. COLOR LIGHT PURPLE (Type 6268) 30 STRIP 15x64x4 CM. COLOR LIGHT BLUE-GREEN (Type ST F1 1058022, Medium Copper Blue) 40 STRIP 150X650X40 MM. COLOR DARK BLUE-GREEN (Type 5870) 30 STRIP 140x640x25 MM. COLOR DARK PURPLE (Type 7803) 30 STRIP 20x60x4 CM. COLOR AMBER (Type F2G12, 9627) 20 STRIP 10x38.1x2-2.2 CM. COLOR BLACK (Type 9892) 30 ROD 30mm DIAM- x 96-106mm 20 T O T A L : 1110 This quantities are requested on a monthly basis supply. We would like to know if your company produces any of the products we are requesting. According to the highest standards that our company follows on our products, we have established on maintaining our excellent quality promise towards our customers worldwide. We will appreciate your reply as soon as possible. Thank you and Best Regards. Andres Hernandez

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