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Buying float glass and reflective glass

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    Feb 21,2009

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    Feb 22,2008

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Dear Ms Maya, I am a glass whole seller in Myanmar. 我是缅甸的一个玻璃经销商 I want to buy following items from your factory. Please tell me the C.I.F Yangon(Myanmar) Prices. 我想买以下的玻璃产品, 请包CIF(仰光)价格 1) 4mm float glass(bronze) - 1220x1830mm 4mm浮法玻璃(青铜色)- 1220x1830mm 2) 5mm float glass(bronze) - 1220x1830mm 4MM 浮法玻璃(青铜色)- 1220x1830mm 3) 4mm float glass(dark grey) - 1220x1830mm 4MM 浮法玻璃(暗灰色)- 1220x1830mm 4) 5mm clear float glass - 1220x1830mm 5MM无色浮法玻璃-- 1220x1830mm 5) 4mm reflective glass(dark green) - 1220x1830mm 4MM反射玻璃(暗绿色)- 1220x1830mm 6) 4mm reflective glass(dark brown) - 1220x1830mm 4MM反射玻璃(咖啡色)- 1220x1830mm Waiting for your replyment...

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