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Need male boro silicate bells jars

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    Oct 07,2009

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    Oct 07,2008

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Detailed Specifications

My name is Dimitri and i am interested  in a  bell jar. The specs i am interested in 19 inches diameter and 30 inches high or larger if possible (50cm diameter and 80 cm high, if it can be made higher and wider with a wall thickness of 7-8 mm , let me know),  i have also attached a pic of what i am referring to.
Could you give me a price breakdown of the bells jars from 5 pieces
10 pieces
20 pieces
50 pieces
100 pieces
200 pieces
I would also like to know if you make free samples of this size so i can show to customers , so they can see the product and make the decision on how many pieces they would like to obtain as the sample would be the product they would be getting

Glass Bell Jar Technical Information

Composition  - Type 1, Class A, low expansion borosilicate glass conforming to Federal specification DD-G-54 lb and ASTM E-438.  These jars also meet US Pharmacopoeia (USP) specifications for Type 1 borosilicate glass.

Composition of borosilicate 
glass in HyVac bell jars:
Material  % approximate
SiO2         80.6
B2O3        13.0
Na2O         4.0
Al2O3      2.3

Physical Properties Value
Coefficient of Expansion 32.5 x 10-7 cm/cm/°C
Strain Point               510 °C
Anneal Point          560 °C
Soften Point                  821 °C
Density      2.53 grams / cm3
Youngs Mod. 76.0 x 101 Kg / mm2
Refractive Index      1.474 @ Sodium D Line
Temperture Limits  490 °C Extreme Service
  230 °C Normal Service
Maximum Thermal Shock 160 °C

You can contact me on +61419 30 40 40 as i am based in sydney , australia

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