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Looking for two sizes for hollow glass

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    Jan 03,2009

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    Dec 04,2008

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Detailed Specifications

I am looking for two sizes for hollow glass decorative block in two different patterns in clear.  I need these blocks to have an oblong hole at the top.

The size of the hole is approximately 40 mm x 115 mm.  Anything close in a stock size would be appreciated.  The glass thickness is approximately 9-10mm in thickness. It can be close to that thickness as well.

I also need the oblong hard plastic piece.  It is the same size as the hole.  Also, there are three soft plastic plugs.  One has a hole to be able to add cord inside of the glass block like small Christmas lights.  Also, there is a soft plastic plug that will close the hole entirely; I suppose to put fish or anything made from sand (sand art) or liquids.  There is one more plug that has a slit to be able to put American coins into.  It will have to be big enough to put an American quarter in.  There are many options this type of block can be used for crafters. 

If you can't make the plastic pieces that goes in the hole,

The approximate weight of the smaller block is 635 grams.  The size is 145mm x145mm x 80mm.

The approximate weight of the larger glass block is 1.04 kilograms.  This is for the 190mm x 190mm x 80mm in size. 

We are NOT a building company and can't order full container loads.  We are a small craft company that produces DIY kits for the craft chains.  Because the chains set our retail prices, our kits are very cost sensitive.  We are looking for a factory that will accept lower MOQ.  Because we sell to craft chains, the reorders are pretty consistant if the product does well.

Please let me know your email address and I will send you more exact details and photos. 

I would like to also know how far your factory is from Dong Guan City.  That is where our OEM factory is and the goods will be sent.  Please also include your best bulk prices, MOQ and lead times for MOQ.

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