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    Jan 16,2009

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    Dec 17,2008

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Detailed Specifications

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Glass Bottle Specification

•Mouth type treaded for metal closure
•Normal Glass type A
•The color and thickness of bottle should be uniform
•The color of bottle should be free from brittle,air bubbles,cavities in
the internal and external surface caused by broken bubbles and alkaline
with white core
•Maximum dimension of air bubbles should be 1.5mm and the maximum number
of air bubbles should be 20
•Able to resist a pressure of 8 kilogram per centimeter square
•Able to resist a thermal sock up to 70 degree centigrade
•Bottle should be free from cracks and sharp projections. The internal
surface of the bottle should be smooth.
•ISO-9000 certificate
•Certificate of Analysis
•Sample Minimum 10 Pcs


1. Volume at full capacity level 905 ml +/-5
2. Volume at filling line capacity level 890 ml
3. Overall bottle height 31.5cm +/- 2cm
4. Mouth internal diameter 19 cm
5. Mouth external diameter 30 cm
6. Mouth threads height 21.6 cm
7. Weight of the bottles 670 gm +/-10 gm
8. Bottom diameter of the bottles 81 cm +/- 0.5 cm
9. Neck diameter 27.5 cm

* Quantity------------ 600,000 Pcs

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