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    Dec 27,2009

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    Nov 27,2009

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Detailed Specifications

Dear  Sir, 
We are  a Spanish Company  and we are interested in buying glass, the types of glass, that we want are: 

Float Glass
Thickness            Color                   Size (1)                
4mm.                 transparent     2440X3660mm
5mm.                 transparent      2440X3660mm
6mm.                 transparent     2440X3660mm

Laminated Glass(2)                       
3+3mm.                   transparent     2440X3660mm
4+4mm.                   transparent     2440X3660mm       
6+6mm.                      transparent     2440X3660mm       
Thickness of PVB film:
 Option A -  0.38mm           Option B -  0.76mm

We would wish that you send  to us a budget of the products previously indicated for a minimal initial request between 10/15 containers per two months aproximatly.

(1)   You have option to make a budget in other measures to adapt it to your standard manufacturing process, must give the price of the maximum measure that you make.

(2)   The budget of the laminated glass will have to be given in two options, with PVB sheet of 0.38mm and 0.76mm.

The price you will send us will have to include all the expenses, transport and taxes that it causes to place the material in the Maritime Port of Vigo - Pontevedra, Spain.

The budget of the material will have to include the characteristics of the glass and the PVB used in the float Glass like in the laminated glass as well as the official certificates that credit the conformity for his utilization in the Economic European Community, CEE.

You have to include inside the budget the form of payment of the material and the time of delivery.

Waiting for your news. Yours faithfully.

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