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    Jun 23,2010

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    May 24,2010

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Detailed Specifications

I have attached a photo of the perfume bottle and the logo for my company.  The bottle has to be exactly like the one in the photo.  I would like the bottle light blue in colour (eg. colours light blue, baby blue, sky blue).  The bottle has bubbles around the body.   My company logo is to be placed on one side of the body of the perfume bottle.  The size of the logo I was thinking is 3/4, but you can let me know what size you think is best for the logo to be placed on the bottle.  The logo is to be a shiny silver in colour. The bottle is to be 5 inches in height and 3 inches in width.     I will also need your company to make a box which must be padded on the inside for the perfume bottle to sit in the box.  I would like the design of the perfume box to be silver and light blue in colour with the logo on the top of the box.  I would like the  logo to have an impression in the box instead of just being scanned onto the box if possible.  I would like the box designed so the bottle will sit or stand up in the box.  Once you have spoken to your designers and have drafted the design of the bottle and the box I would like for you to send me pictures for approval.  Let me know the cost for the sample perfume bottle and sample perfume box as soon as possible please. I would also like to know how much your company will charge per bottle if made from glass and how much it will cost per bottle if made from crystal. Once production is in progress for the perfume bottle and box I will begin working with you for production of my lotion perfume bottle and box.  Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you soon with the information reuqested.

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