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buying borosilicate glass tubes

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    Aug 12,2010

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    Jul 13,2010

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buying borosilicate glass tubes

We require 40ft container write now as per below sizes. 19/3-1500kgs, 33/3.5-1500kgs, 46/4-2500kgs, 59/4.5-2500kgs, 87/5-1500kgs, 115/5-1500kgs, 163/5-1800kgs, 230/5-1800kgs, 230/7-1500kgs, 230/9-2500kgs, 315/8-2000kgs, 12/1.8-200kgs, 14/1.8-500kgs, 18/1.8-500kgs, 20/1.8-500kgs, 24/1.8-500kgs, Rod 12mm-100kgs, Rod 16mm-100kgs, All sizes tubes length should be 1500mm long.

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