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  • Zum Buchwald 4 35463 Fernwald Germany
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  • vasb@oragehc.qr
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  •   Control and automation technology
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  • The entire development of bentrup units takes place in-house. A new idea starts its way to become a successful product mostly in the mind of Mr. Bentrup. With teamwork it takes only a short time to create the first prototype, which soon developes into the final series product after intensive work and thorough testing.

    The most modern CAD/CAE systems are used to construct schematic diagrams and printed circuit layout. The creation of software on an emulator is followed by multiple tests on computer based simulators to ensure simple and clean operation of a unit at the highest level of reliability. Finally, quality management ensures compliance to all our company standards.

    Also for the very important electromagnetical compliance (EMC) our laboratory is fully equipped. The highest level of noise protection (IEC801/4 level IV) has been our standard already since 1991. Before a new unit is used to control a customers kiln for the first time, it has already produced and recorded millions of correct operations. In addition, in-house development has an unbeatable advantage for our customers: customer - tailered developments and special configurations meeting individual needs are available within a short period.

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