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Zhejiang Juxin Glass Co.,Ltd is engaged in glass processing, which covers an area of 15000 square meters and 6000 square meters building area. It owns advanced matrix radiation heating, net glass tempering line, and full-auto hollow glass manufacturing line. Our main products are: tempering glass, Low-E tempering glass, coating glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, fire resistance glass, hot bending tempered glass, and silk screen printing glass, etc. Our company pursues of th

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  • Reflective glass

    Reflective glass

  • Coated Glass

    Coated Glass

  • Flat(Sheet) Glass

    Flat(Sheet) Glass

  • Float Glass

    Float Glass

  • Frosted(Ground) Glass

    Frosted(Ground) Glass

  • Low-E Glass

    Low-E Glass

  • Curved Tempered Glass

    Curved Tempered Glass

  • Laminated  Glass

    Laminated Glass

  • Tempered Glass/Toughened Glass

    Tempered Glass/Toughened Glass

  • Bulletproof Glass

    Bulletproof Glass

  • fireproof glass

    fireproof glass

  • hollow glass

    hollow glass

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