Luoyang easttec glass automation equipment co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in researching and manufacturing glass post-processing machinery. Luoyang easttec boasts a professional team of skilled experts who excel at glass post-processing for more than twenty years, together with tens of years experience in making mechanical equipment and training base for flat & bent tempering machines. We can provide not only common basic and combined types of tempering machines, but also des

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  • Ms. Zora Zhou
  • Sales manager

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  • flat glass tempering furnace

  • flat&bent glass tmpering furnace

  • A2442 flat glass tempering machine

  • FA2450 Flat Glass Tempering Machine by Easttec

  • FA2442 Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

  • A2436 Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

  • auto side windows glass tempering machine

  • flat&bent glass tmpering line

  • A2438 flat glass tempering machine

  • B2420 bent glass tempering machine

  • A3042 flat glass tempering machine

  • A2450 flat glass tempering machine

  • Double heating chamber glass tempering machine

  • FA2442 glass tempering machine

  • A2436 flat glass tempering machine

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