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Inventories of Soda Ash Stay At A Lower Level

Transactions of soda ash in domestic market tend to slow. Major manufacturers of light soda ash descend their ex-factor rates from 1,900-2,100 yuan...

BAU 2019: Long Night of Architecture

​The fifth Long Night of Architecture, organized by BAU, the World′s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, delighted the people of Munich, architecture...

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International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ 2019 Dates, Location Announced

International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off (WFCT) 2019 will be held Wednesday – Friday, September 4-6 at the Indiana Convention Center in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Ind...

FUCHS Expands its product portfolio offer

For the FUCHS Group, acquisitions are targeted to companies with expertise in specialist lubricant technology which are complementary to FUCHS own strengths; and where the...

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Success is Not Made by Accidents; How Qingdao Kingdom Glass Co., Ltd obtains 21 million yuan revenue?

Once upon a time, a carpenter cuts down a tree and make it into three buckets. One for toilet, which everyone hides from; one for water container, which everyone uses; one for wine...

The Secret for King Tai Industry to Accomplish 70 Million Sales 

Success is pursued by everyone while it could not be achieved instantly. In stead, it requires effort, hardworking, persistence, ability of grasping opportunities, even creating chances...

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Golden Glass Award Proceeds to Vote! Cast A Vote To Support Your Favorites!

Golden Glass Award, the 6th China Glass Brands Appraisal proceeds to voting stage. The voting channel opens at 11:18 a.m. on 3rd January, 2019.Please review...

Holiday Arrangement of China Glass Network

We will have the New Year Holiday from December 31st to January 1st, 2019 and resume to work on January 2nd.

Zak Glass Technology Expo 2018 Successfully Closed

Zak Glass Technology Expo 2018 successfully closed on 9th December. This exhibition renews own records again regarding to exhibitors numbers, venue space, glass exhibits...

The 16th ZAK International Glass Industry Exhibition opened today

The 16th ZAK International Glass Industry Exhibition opened today, which is a platform where the industry pioneers will showcase state of the art products and technologies.

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