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AluK sets its sights on luxury with Infinium sliding door

With projects increasingly calling for minimal sightline disruptions, AluK’s technical experts developed Infinium to conceal the outer frame and sash into the opening.

Comparative Analysis of Glass Cost and Inventory

The average price of 5 mm float glass in most cities is 1617.71 yuan / ton, rising -1.25 yuan or -0.08 yuan on a month-on-month basis.

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Bendheim architectural glass wins multiple product innovation & design awards

Bendheim’s Houdini Unlocked architectural glass won in Architectural Record’s Best Windows, Doors & Openings category.

Goldray Glass: Marriott Marquis Houston

Each of the six cabs was adorned with a different space photo, some of which included an astronaut floating weightlessly in space as well as a stunning view of earth from the ...

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Good news: another successful $3 million trading from China Glass Network

In July 2014, Weifang Mingnuo Trading Company joined China Glass Network. For a new company, it was so difficult in exploring global glass trading.

Qingdao Aeon Gained Fruitful Business from China Glass Network during Seven Years' Choice

(China Glass Network) On May 17th, 2011, Qingdao Aeon Glass Co., Ltd. formally joined China Glass Since the cooperation,

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China Glass Network launches the 5th Top 10 China Glass Brand Appraisal

As we all know, Chinese glass industry has nearly a history of 100 years since the evolution from the establishment of ...

​Focusing on ZAK Glass Technology Expo 2017; glass exhibitors competed on-site!

​(China Glass Network) Mumbai is the largest city of India, living varous ethnic group from India. Hurry and disorder are the impressions of India.

15th Zak Glass Technology was closed on Dec. 10th in Mumbai successfully

​(China Glass Network) On Dec. 10th, , 15th Zak Glass Technology was closed successfully.

The 15th India ZAK international glass industry exhibition opens in Bombay today!

The city of Mumbai is backed by the mountain, facing the sea, with its vast beaches and quiet street gardens. In the crescent coast, new styles of high-rise buildings...

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