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B Solution: Speed Edge 3.2.9 ready for top big size

B Solution with 30 year of experience developed a complete range of product suitable for small and big industry realities, satisfying the most modern production requirements...

Trosifol SentryGlas®: letting the outdoors in

It has certainly been worth the wait, with the impressive 464,500 m2 structure housing both retail and entertainment/attractions/dining outlets−in a 45/55 percent split...

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A Foreign Trade Dream of a Chinese Glass Enterprise

​“Hello, this is Danny from China Glass Network. What can I do for you?” As a new week began, the customer service of China Glass Network, is already busy with communicating

Advancing Together In Glass Foreign Trade Journey - Beijing Northglass Technologies Co.,Ltd Nailed Around One Million Yuan Order

It has been a difficult journey for Chinese enterprises to conquer oversea market, however, challenges always are accompanied with opportunities.Many Chinese glass companies not...

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Holiday Arrangement of China Glass Network

We will have the Dragon Boat Holiday from June 7th to June 9th, 2019 and resume to work on June 10th.Please kindly send email to

Annual Conference of China Glass Industry 2019-The Sixth Golden Glass Award ceremony held in Beijing

(China Glass Network)Under the background of economic globalization, with the rapid development of the new scientific and technological revolution, 5G, intelligent manufacturing, big data

Holiday Arrangement of China Glass Network

We will have a 4-day holiday for the upcoming International May Day from 1st May to 4th May 2019 and resume to work on 5th May.Please kindly send email to

Holiday Arrangement of China Glass Network

We will have the Qingming Festival from April 5th to April 7th, 2019 and resume to work on April 8th.Please kindly send email to

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