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United Steel Workers members on strike against Anchor Glass Container Corp.

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Union workers at the Anchor Glass Container Corp. plant, located here on Griffith Street, continued to strike Thursday following last week’s breakdown in contract negotiations with the Anchor corporation.

The United Steel Workers union, USW, went on strike at Anchor Glass on Sept. 1.

The USW and Anchor had been working for a new collective bargaining agreement for the union since July 28. The previous contract expired on Aug. 31.

Officials on both sides of the dispute between USW and Anchor pointed a finger at the other side for causing the breakdown in negotiations.

“The bargaining committee called a strike in response to unfair bargaining practices by the company,” said Wayne Ranick, director of communications for USW. “Anchor bargained in bad faith over critical issues such as wages, health care and pensions by going through the motions, but really had no interest in actually reaching a settlement.”

No new bargaining sessions have been scheduled and the strike continues, said Ranick.

Anchor officials countered that the company has remained willing to negotiate in good faith, and that the USW has acted in a negative way by striking.

“Anchor’s USW members have good, well-paying manufacturing jobs that include market-competitive wages and comprehensive health care and retiree benefits,” Jim Warner, a representative with the Anchor Glass corporate office, located in Tampa, Fla., said in a prepared statement. “Anchor’s offer to the USW for the new collective bargaining agreement provides an increase in total compensation over the existing agreement, an increase in hourly wages each year, no change in health care plan coverage for existing members and an increase in contributions to the USW pension plan.”

The statement continued, “In an environment of high unemployment and great economic uncertainty, USW leadership has taken an action that, unfortunately, could negatively impact employees and their families.   

“Anchor remains willing to negotiate in good faith in order to reach agreement with the USW.”

Anchor will take appropriate measures to ensure uninterrupted service for its customers, and will respect the USW’s right to picket lawfully, said Warner.

The USW represents approximately 6 percent of Anchor Glass’ hourly workforce at nine Anchor Glass facilities across the country, including the location here on Griffith Street.

The striking USW workers are highly skilled mould makers, specialized craftsmen in the glass container industry. Roughly 140 of these workers across the country are on strike.


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