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Investing in Fenton Art Glass—Fenton Ceasing Major Lines of Art Glass Production!

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I am certain most of my fellow art glass collector’s have heard, by now, that Fenton will soon cease production of their numerous exquisite lines of art glass. Unfortunately, due to the economy, Fenton has no choice in the matter. It is a sad time for all of Fenton’s art glass loyal clientele. Fenton opened their doors and the eyes of the art glass collector’s to their magnificent and every-growing lines of art glass in 1905 and the striking pieces they have created became widely known and have been procured by multitudes of art glass enthusiasts.

Fenton also created various pieces, which were practical, but no matter if the pieces were practical or decorative they were all meticulously designed and hand made by some of the world’s greatest art glass designers and artisans. Fenton will continue to make their newest lines of art glass beads with sterling silver cores, marbles, earrings and a few other small items; however, the Fenton our grandparents, parents and we have come to adore will be no more. For Fenton connoisseurs, the news has been devastating. We all still have the opportunity to collect those pieces we have desired throughout the years; however, the pieces we truly want will become scarcer and much harder to obtain at equitable cost.

Certainly, there are other art glass companies whose designs are brilliant but Fenton truly created some of the most magnificent, creative and highly appreciated pieces on the market for over a century. Now is the time to begin investing in those pieces you have sought after before the prices increase exponentially. When collecting Fenton art glass, now, you will want to make certain each piece is authentic and undamaged.

If the demand for Fenton art glass pieces increases, as many antiques and collectibles have when other well known companies have gone out of business, then you will see a steep rise in prices and you will want to be certain you are adding to your collection in a well-thought out manner. If collecting art glass is simply a hobby then you can have fun searching for your favorite pieces; however, if you are collecting this art glass more seriously and as an investment then you most certainly want to collect the most elegant and precise pieces you can lay your hands on.

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