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Glass Industry has Direct Relationship with Operating Rate of Real Estate Projects

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[China Glass Network] Building material industry has the closest relationship with real estate market. Daily Economic News reporter investigated and discovered that influence over building material differs from various sorts of products. Cement and glass industries are not under severe influence, while construction ceramic is closely linked to commercial housing sales, and thus suffers apparent impact.


As fundamental building materials, cement and glass are not so suffering as imagined. Mr. CHEN Bolin, the vice-president of Digital Cement Network implied: the volume of cement real estate market consumed takes 1/3 of the total cement consumption. Although the current commercial housing market is far from satisfied, the booming of commercial real estate, security house and other residential projects soften the impact.


Mr. QIN Zhanxue, the vice-chairman of China Building (3.43-0.06-1.72%) Material Circulation Association suggested that, under the decline of current commercial housing market, relative cement is restrained, but the increased investment in basic equipment decreases the negative influence on development of cement industry.


Mr. CHEN Bolin held the point that, as cement is regional and commercial housing is concentrated in big cities, urban cement enterprises are impacted comparatively more heavily. According to the data he provided, Beijing the price per ton of label 42.5 cement has been dropped down RMB 80 since this May and other kinds of cement have obvious pricing changes, as well.


The condition of glass industry resembles that of cement. Mr. QIN Zhanxue thought, glass industry has direct relationship with operating rate of real estate projects. The current operation rate of real estate market remains positive, so the influence on glass industry is normal.


Different from cement and glass, construction ceramic industry fell down seriously due to the decline of housing market. “The unsatisfactory of commercial housing trade directly influenced the construction ceramic industry,” said by Mr. LAN Weibing, the Office director of China Ceramics Industry Association, “30% of Foshan construction ceramic companies are effected. As the key town of China ceramic industry, Foshan gathers 70% companies of construction ceramic, in which we could tell the seriousness of impact. ”


In addition, Mr. Lan also said, the profit rate of glass enterprises has descended by 30%, attributed to the property market regulatory policy.

Source: glassinchina. comAuthor: shangyi

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