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A Line of Glass Washing is far from enough for Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction

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[China Glass Network] A cylinder, with water-pipes inside, is washing glass fragments in spin cycles. After being rinsed off the dirt and dust, glasses are classified into two kinds, loaded on conveyor belts and stored for subsequent use.


Since this year, Kunshan Taiwan-Glass Changjiang Glass Ltd. has added such a washing line to the workshops. 9-month’s operation has recycled glass fragments of 40,000 tons, saved cost of 10 million yuan and standard coal of 3,700 tons and reduced carbon emission of 9,000 tons. “Glass industry is one of high-energy-consumption, in intense need of transformation and upgrading, especially in terms of the energy conservation and emission reduction. “ Mr. LIN Jiahong, the general manager of Changjiang Glass Ltd said, “The increasing high market price of raw material and some recycled glass used to produce low-level glass which actually is able to be materials of high-level glass, our company is considering to replace raw materials with recycled glasses. As the recycled glass fragments carry pollutants, we develop a series of equipments to wash recycled glasses. “ Mr. LIU Jinzhang, the vice-general-manager explained the reason to develop the glass-washing line. “This glass-washing line is independently designed and developed by our company. It took 8 months to develop and 4 months to install equipments.” Said by Mr. LI Xueyong, manager of engineering department, who took part in the whole process of designing and developing the washing line. By far, the recycled glass source are mainly from downstream customers of Taiwan-glass.


However, it is far from enough for energy conservation and emission reduction. To make continuous contribution to carbon-reduction and economy-recycling, Taiwan glass has planned to replace heavy oil with natural gas, to reduce the emission of sulfurous anhydride. It is predicted to invest RMB 15 million. Mr. Liu said so. It is reported that, Taiwan glass does not only gain economic benefit from each transformation process, but also cooperates actively with local Environmental Protection Department and installs equipments such as on-line smoke-emission monitor, COD emission monitor and so on. In addition, it has passed cleaner production audit, energy managing system certificate as well as ISO 14001 certificate, etc.


Source: GlassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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