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Kimble Chase is Making Scientific Discovery More Accessible

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New microscale glassware kits promote safety, economy and convenience for small-scale organic chemistry experiments

Vineland, NJ (PRWEB) September 22, 2011
Performing chemical experiments in microscale is easier with specialized kits from Kimble Chase, the largest manufacturer of laboratory glassware products in the world. Williamson microscale kits offer a selection of specially tooled laboratory glassware with patented thermoplastic connectors to allow quick, easy and secure connections. Other available kits feature components with GCI threads or 14/10 standard taper joints.

Chemists are supplied with everything they need to perform fractional distillations, chromatography, filtration, sublimation, oxygenation and Dean Stark reactions using significantly reduced quantities of chemicals. Kimble Chase offers numerous kits, including the Williamson Microscale and Macroscale Kits with all the glassware needed to follow experiments cited in the authoritative textbook, Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments (Williamson, K.L., 2007).

Microscale kits from Kimble Chase include the components necessary for many of the common organic chemistry lab procedures, including separatory funnels, flasks, tubing adapters, centrifuge tubes, thermometer adapters and stopcocks. In addition, Kimble Chase offers a selection of accessories, which include thermometers, aluminum heating blocks and condensers. The kits are packed in rugged polyethylene storage cases with die cut foam inserts, and are available with custom printing. Corrugated EKONO-CASES offer a low cost alternative to plastic cases, and both are sized to be easily stored in bench drawers.

Kimble Chase Microscale Kits are available worldwide from multiple manufacturing facilities located in the US, Europe and Asia. For more information, contact Kimble Chase toll free in the US and Canada at 1-888-546-2531, extension 1, fax to 1-856-692-3242, or email info(at)kimble-chase(dot)com. International customers can call 1-856-692-8500, extension 1, or visit the website: http://www.kimble-chase.com.

About Kimble Chase, LLC:

Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products was formed in July 2007 as a result of a joint venture between specific operations of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Gerresheimer Glass, Inc. The company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of a full range of reusable, disposable and specialty glassware for pharmaceutical, chromatography, environmental, petrochemical, life science, government, and academic laboratories.


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