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The world’s first 55MM Glass Double Edge Grinding Machine developed in Shunde

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This machine can double edge 55*55MM glass sheet for high precision and high polishing.Did you see such crazy glass double edge grinding machine? Recently, this type of machine is developed successfully by Grateful Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd.


 Grateful Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd is famous for Small Glass Sheet Double Edge Grinding Machine in glass industry. It focus on high precision and high polishing for glass double edge machine development. The product has mature technology and stable performance. It also has the technical features are smallest glass double edged with biggest transmission belt, large and small size glass can be grinded. It solves the problem for small glass sheet when double edged with low precision, low polishing brightness and low efficiency. This glass double edge grinding machine is designed by 16grinding wheels with 19mm transmission belt. It can process minimum 55*55mm glass sheet and maximum 500*500mm glass sheet. This double edged machine process with high accuracy. Diagonal error is within ±0.3mm and parallel error within ±0.1mm. The polishing brightness can reach furniture level. Glass come out with even chamfer size, distinct edges and corners , no chipping, no rounded edges such phenomenon. Compared to manual grinding process, single edge grinding machine and so call single belt double edge grinding machine, Grateful 55mm small glass sheet double edge grinding machine has below advantages:


1. Upgrade the processing accuracy and polishing brightness which imporve small glass sheet edge grinding techniques to a new level.

2. Improve processing efficiency and save labor for mass production.

3. Enlarge the width span for glass edged, solve the narrow width span for single belt double edge grinding machine, also solve the problem that it need readjusting when different widths of glass edging.

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