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ConservatoryLand Launch New Self Cleaning Roof Glass for Conservatories

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MANSFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM, Sep 30, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- ConservatoryLand are one of the leading DIY conservatory suppliers in the UK and have now introduced a special self-cleaning roof glass to their range. The state-of-the-art glass comes in a variety of tinted colours and is not only convenient but economical as well.

ConservatoryLand have linked up with TuffX, who specialise in designing innovative glass and constantly strive to better their products. Their latest glazing invention adopted by ConservatoryLand will clean itself, reduce sun-glare and reflect 55% of solar heat from any Diy conservatory roof.

The benchmark ambi-bronze tint is specifically designed to allow enough sunlight into the conservatory while reducing the harshness of a bright winter sun. ConservatoryLand have marked the heat reflection attribute as a major plus point, explaining an overheated conservatory can be extremely uncomfortable to bear.

The other colour options offered are Blue, Neutral and Aqua with all tints providing adequate sunlight filtering and heat reflection. There is a Satin Privacy option also available which appears opaque from the outside but actually allows 84% (approx) of sunlight through into the conservatory.

The glass has a specialist coating which absorbs solar rays and uses them to break down dirt into loose particles. When it rains the glass is designed to allow that rainwater to evenly disperse the loosened particles into the gutter. This advanced science is a clear example of how seriously ConservatoryLand take their products.

A spokesperson for the company commented:

'The experts from TuffX have really outdone themselves here and we expect this ambi-bronze self-cleaning glass to be a big hit with our customers. By continually cleaning itself, the roof should be healthy for a lifetime as no dirt build-up can corrode the surface and ruin the exterior.'

The long term economical value of the glass is what ConservatoryLand regard as its most appealing quality. The company are adding this invention to an already impressive range of unique conservatory features e.g. roof vents, portal frames, bi-fold doors and many more.

To find out what else is on offer at this innovative DIY firm or to learn more about self-cleaning roof glass visit www.conservatoryland.com .

About ConservatoryLand

ConservatoryLand are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke conservatories to the increasingly popular UK DIY market sector.

They are experts in their field and often receive orders for complex conservatory styles that no other company wants to supply, for example, conservatories with cut-outs or that wrap around chimney breasts etc.

All their conservatories incorporate unique design features, making them the most DIY-friendly conservatories available.



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