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Development of Auto Industry will push Consumption of Auto Glass

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(China Glass Network) Auto industry in our country has maintained a 20% compound annual growth rate since 2000 by the policies of automobile consumption tax incentives, taking cars to the countryside and so on. China became the third country with auto annual capacity over 10 million on October 20, 2009 ,by auto production and sales breakthrough 13 million throughout the year and become the country with most production and sales all over the world. By the end of 2010, output of automobile has reached 18.2699 million and sales of 18.0619 million, which still keeps a growing trend.

Civilian vehicle in our country is up to 90.86 million by the end of 2010 ,with an increase of 19.30% compared with 2009 and there’re 65 cars per thousand person ,according to statistics of State Statistics Bureau. However , this data is far more less than that of developed countries, which own an average level of 800 cars per thousand person. In addition, there’re humorous consumer market in small towns and rural areas, the huge purchase potential will be a vital driving force in the rapid development of auto industry. It’s predicated that growth of auto industry will present 

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