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Fiber Glass Industries increases glass capacity

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Fiber Glass Industries (Amsterdam, N.Y., USA) announced the completed expansion of GLASS POLYPRO products (manufactured using Twintex technology under license from OCV). The expansion results in 150 percent increase in capacity of a key thermoplastic composite material.


GLASS POLYPRO is a roving consisting of commingled E-Glass and polypropylene filaments that can be woven into highly conformable fabrics. This ready-to-use thermoplastic glass reinforcement is said to have broad applications. The laminated woven fabric is currently used in the transportation market where its impact resistance, flex fatigue, and cleanability make suitable for a variety of applications. 


GLASS POLYPRO RPP rovings are suitable for filament winding, pultrusion, reinforcement of extruded profiles and weaving. The GLASS POLYPRO TPP woven fabric can be consolidated using continuous processes such as laminating and calendering. Consolidation is done by heating above the melting temperature of the polypropylene matrix (180°C to 230°C/360°F to 450°F) and applying a pressure before cooling under pressure.  


Source: http://www.compositesworld.comAuthor: shangyi

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