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AGC Expands PairPlus Product Lineup

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 Asahi Glass Co. Ltd (AGC) will expand its PairPlus series of Ecoglass energy-saving window glasses by releasing a low-cost model suitable for remodeling of windows on mid and upper levels of buildings.

AGC will launch the "PairPlus Air," a new model that is 14% cheaper than existing products. PairPlus Air was made by filling dry air in the air layer between two sheets of glass, instead of argon gas as with existing products. All components of ?airPlusEand "PairPlus Air" have wind pressure resistance up to 2800 Pa, making them suitable for installation in rooms on the mid and upper levels of buildings where wind pressure is strong. AGC will also launch thick-glass models (18mm), suitable for use in glass-fronted premises.

The market for energy-saving window remodeling has been growing rapidly due to the increase in environmental awareness. AGC's PairPlus, released in February 2009, has been increasingly used in a wide range of buildings from single-family housing and condominium units to schools and commercial buildings as it is highly evaluated for its distinctive features including high heat-shielding in summer and thermal insulation in winter, helping save energy all year around by cutting utility costs for air-conditioning by about 20 percent (in Tokyo). The unit can also be mounted to existing single glazing sashes with a simple installation procedure that requires only 30 to 60 minutes per window.


Source: Japan Corporate News NetWorkAuthor: shangyi

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