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Hacker develops rear window LED to send messages to other drivers

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With aggressive drivers that enjoy tailgating other vehicles in mind, a hacker decided to built a method to communicate to those annoying drivers without using obscene hand gestures.

Hacker Gagandeep Singh has developed a do-it-yourself project for designing a grid of LED lights on the rear window of a vehicle without obstructing the view from the rear-view mirror. Singh is interested in providing feedback to drivers that don’t pay attention to the rules of the road. Using his Volkswagon Polo as the guinea pig for the project, Singh created plans for a 40 x 16 LED matrix display with LED lights that allowed two centimeters of space in between each LED in order to still see out the rear window. He then used a strip of wood to accurately measure out the distance between the LED lights and spent the next two days soldering the lights into the full matrix display.


Source: http://www.digitaltrends.comAuthor: shangyi

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