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The EASTMAN Glass Polymer wins the 2011 LUXE PACK IN GREEN Award

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On October 19th, the 2011 LUXE PACK IN GREEN jury met during the 24th edition of LUXE PACK MONACO that took place from October 19th thru October 21st at the Grimaldi Forum.

This Glass Polymer™ cosmetic jar is made with 45% of renewable organic material. It dries 25% faster than traditional co polyesters and processes at 20% lower temperatures, resulting in less energy usage and faster production times.

The Glass Polymer™ offered the brilliant clarity, dimensional stability and luxurious tactile feel that Natura wanted for the reusable Chronos container. Like its predecessor in the Chronos line, the Passiflora creams are offered in refill packs that easily snap into the Chronos bottomless pot. The solid click of The Glass Polymer™ ensures the refill cup is firmly embedded, reinforcing the quality image of the Natura brand.

The refill system reduces the amount of resin used and the packaging material required, while also reducing environmental impact of the manufacturing process. And The Glass Polymer™, a recyclable material, appeals to Natura’s ever growing eco-conscious customer base.

The trophy was awarded in the presence of the jury members and given by its designer Rémi Pardoux from Alliage Design Agency.

The jury has also awarded a special mention to the LUMSON TAG System (Techno  Airless Glass system).

This cosmetic packaging, created by Lumson and chosen by RINGANA brand name, combines the technical and functional advantages of an airless system, allowing its recycling by the Eco-Lock system.  

Thanks to this special LUMSON “Eco-Lock system” patented multi-functional component, the final consumer, after usage, by simply unscrewing the pump can easily separate all plastic components from the glass bottle allowing to recycle each material separately (glass in one side and plastic on the other). Once the glass has been separated from the plastic components the final user can send the bottle, already clean because it was never in touch with the product, back to RINGANA. At this point RINGANA sends it back to LUMSON, that will reuse it to manufacture a brand new Airless packaging.

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