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Polytronix, Inc. announces the next generation 1820mm width PolyvisionTM film

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The world’s leading privacy film maker Polytronix, Inc. has just announced the next generation 1820mm width PolyvisionTM film. It is the largest size of PDLC film ever seen with a maximum size up to 1820mm x 3500mm. This breaking news predicates that the PDLC film industry will step into the age of 1820mm width class.

The Polytronix R&D team has worked for this larger size PolyvisionTM PDLC film which represents the latest technology of PDLC in past 2 years. It has surpassed all the historical technology records in the industry, which includes VLT up to 80% when power on, 5% higher than the previous record kept by their 1524mm width PDLC film. It is a new landmark for the PDLC film industry.

This new generation of 1820mm width PolyvisionTM film will bring wider vision and better view angle, at the same time, its VLT will be much higher than relevant products in the market and it will offer much better privacy protection. The new film will also offer better rear projecting performance. All of these improved features will offer better choices for designers, architects, projecting screen dealers and end users.

There are more and more demands for wider PDLC film products for different projects worldwide. The new generation 1820mm width PolyvisionTM film was released with the right timing to match marketing demands. Polytron Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary of Polytronix, Inc. located in Taiwan, handing all the PolyvisionTM film business all over the world excluding North America.

The 1820mm wide PDLC film can offer a Single Panel solution for hotel glass partitions between bathroom and bedroom, it is perfect in vision compared with the two or three panels joined together. It is also good news for the projecting screen market, 1820mm wide film could offer a much larger screen size in the office or control center projecting applications. In a word, wider size, wider applications.

Polytronix, Inc. will begin to offer the 1820mm PolyvisionTM film starting on November 1st, 2011.


Source: www.polytron.com.twAuthor: shangyi

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