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BP - Glass Garage Doors and Entry Systems, Inc. Launches Hurricane Proof Glass Garage Doors

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China Glass NetworkBP - Glass Garage Doors and Entry Systems, Inc. Launches Hurricane Proof Glass Garage Doors, Now Approved by Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Commission


BP Glass Garage Doors, one of the leading innovators in glass garage door technology and design, is proud to announce the BP Hurricane Line is now available to all customers through the United States and internationally.


BP - Glass Garage Doors are engineered to be impact resistant and provide high wind structural performance. An optional National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) package provides resistance to air infiltration and produces an air & water tight seal around the perimeter of the opening. BP - Glass Garage Door's fully insulated frame technology (US and International patent pending) and the interior/exterior mounted perimeter weather-strip combine to significantly reduce air infiltration well below the allowable residential and commercial standards.


In addition, BP - Glass Garage Doors Hurricane Line have exceeded the highest standards required by Miami-Dade County's Building Code Compliance Office "Notice of Acceptance" (NOA) 10-0802.02 and Florida Building Code-Product Approval FL 13380. Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Commission approved products participate in a quality control and testing certification program by Architectural Testing, Inc for quality assurance.


"Our hurricane line meets both small and large missile impact testing requirements, with a wind load rating equivalent to 160 mph or 65 psf," said Rob Reyes, President BP - Glass Garage Doors & Entry Systems, Inc. "The BP -


BP - Glass Garage Doors "Hurricane Line" have been approved for use in and out of all High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). All of the company's glass garage doors are designed and installed to operate year after year under salt air, moisture and extremely harsh conditions, requiring very low maintenance.


Not only is this product strong, but all BP - Glass Garage Doors are energy efficient and made of 100 percent recycled aluminum, glass and steel, which are recyclable themselves. The company also has developed a fully insulated frame technology (patent pending), which is the key factor for eliminating air leakage when using this type of door to enclose any climate controlled space.


The Hurricane Line is now available factory direct for world wide distribution. For more information, please visit the company website at


About BP Glass Garage Doors

BP Glass Garage Doors and Entry Systems, Inc. offers an abundance of in-house specialized services, tailor made for the commercial and residential markets. BP ships factory direct to world wide locations, from their headquarters in Los Angeles. BP's primary Glass Garage Door applications includes residential (indoor / outdoor: living rooms, kitchens, bar tops, pool houses, garages), commercial (warehouses), restaurants (int./ext. patios), retail stores (storefronts), gas stations-mechanical bays, auto dealership showrooms, office buildings (balconies, partition walls, conference rooms, solariums, etc.), green houses, resorts / hotels / spas, schools & universities, custom (counter tops), loft conversions and so much more.


All products are custom made and available for domestic & international shipment. The company's exceptional customer service, product customization and lifetime guarantees make it the choice of architects and designers around the world.


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