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The benefits of glass tiles and where you can use them.

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Glass tiles have risen in popularity over the last couple of years mainly because home owners now realise their potential and because glass tiles prices have decreased a little making them a relatively cheap tile option for home owners. There are lots of ways to use glass tiles for wall tile installation, they are also used as floor tile solutions but the right type of glass floor tile must be selected in order to have a suitable flooring solution for the home that is completely suitable. Many glass tiles are not suitable for floor tile installation but many types are and your local tile store will be able to advise on this aspect.


Glass wall tiles can be used to create spectacular effects whether the area is small or large and they are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. It must be appreciated also that glass tiles come in many variations ranging from small glass mosaic tiles to glass tile bricks and the ones you choose will largely depend on your style preferences and the type of style you want to achieve.


Glass wall tiles can be used to create modern and contemporary themes but in the right environment, they can also be used in traditional settings combined with other tile materials. There are lots of other tile materials that can be used with glass tiles and there aren’t really any restrictions in place, because glass tiles are so good at adding colour and vibrancy, neutral wall tile colours work well.

In small areas within bathrooms and kitchens, glass tiles can be used to create an illusion of space where they use the reflection of light to open up smaller spaces. The use of glass tiles with mirrors can also work really well and can turn a small bathroom area into a light and airy design.


The first aspect is to consider where you are going to use glass tiles and in the kitchen area, glass tiles work well in specific area such as the backsplash area and as border tiles where a certain theme can be carried through the kitchen area. In bathroom areas, glass tiles work really well in shower areas where smaller glass mosaic tiles in different colour variations can be used with spectacular results.


The benefits of glass tiles from a functionality point of view are well known, they are strong, durable and very hygienic largely due to their ability to have a low absorbency rate. They are easy to clean and maintain their appearance well, making them excellent additions to family homes.

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