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Steuben Glass closure a long time coming

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Steuben Glass will officially shutter its Corning factory on November 29. But as the Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, the company's closure has been coming for a long time.


The first president to give a Steuben creation as an official gift was Harry Truman. In 1947, he sent a glass bowl to then-Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift. 

But that legacy is coming to an end for the 108-year-old decorative glassmaker. 

In 2008, Schottenstein Stores of Columbus, Ohio bought Steuben. 

“The Schottensteins when they bought the company could not have picked a worse time to purchase it.” 

That's David Goldstein. He’s president of a club that collects Steuben glass and says he's not surprised that the factory is closing now. 

“If I remember correctly, they closed the sale on June 30, 2008, just as the economy was tanking. And of course Steuben is a luxury good and was impacted badly by that.” 

The Steuben flagship store in Manhattan is also set to close. Most of the Steuben factory’s 60 workers will be laid off.


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