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Annual Meeting of China Glass are Ready

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(China Glass Network) Both of 2011China Glass Industry Meeting-Technology Seminars held by China Architectural Glass & Industry Glass Association on 13-15,December in Hangzhou and 6th Association Member Congress have entered the end of preparations. The topic, target and content of meetings have been confirmed. Moreover, organization of new technology & products exhibition, files binding of memoirs and editing & publishing of journal for annual meeting are ready.


In order to promote the sustainable and stable development of the industry, better construct communication platform for glass market and technology at home and abroad, bring industry association full play of role of bridge and link, Glass Association holds China Glass Industry Meeting-Technology Seminars every year. It aims at building platform for industry communication and promoting healthy growth of the industry. The situation of glass industry in this year is more severe, as well as general election, the meeting gets wide attention from industry inside and outside.


According to the introduction of Glass Association, the 3-day meeting will focus on the theme of "low carbon, safety, innovation, development". And this meeting setting up the main venue and several venues will invite the relevant principals to explain the economic situation of industry, macroeconomic regulation & control and energy conservation policy, does technology discussion and market analysis on key issues. Technology Release will make the meeting’s content more rich, such as , “China Photovoltaic & Photo-thermal Industry Situation and Developing Trend" ," China Glass Industry Situation & Developing Trend ", "China Glass Market Full of Opportunities & Challenges" and other project reports, "Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction-  Common Problems & Methods of Waste Heat Power Cogeneration and Industrial Water Treatment ", "Ultra-white Glass in Engineering Application", "The Meaning & Method of Heat Balance Testing on Glass Melting Furnace”, “Glass Self-explosion and Damage”, " Color Test Method & Matters on Double Silver Low-E " etc. In addition, Factory Director & Manager of Flat Glass Symposia, Introduction of “ Twelfth Five Years Plan” for Processed Glass, Photovoltaic Glass, Mechanized Equipment etc., General Selection of Leaders of  Four Professional Committees on Hollow, Coated & Safety Glass and Mechanized Equipment, all of which will be appeared during the meeting. In a word, the meeting will present a great feast for participants from different fields in the industry.


According to association articles, in the guide of the related government departments, with the positive participation and support from extensive members, Glass Association plays a part in service,  self-discipline, intermediary and rights protection etc. on the basis of the overall thinking and deployment of " Association Service, Enterprise Development, Interactive mutual win  "after selection in 2006. In line with the provisions of Association Articles and relevant arrangement, the general selection shall be completed within this year. In order to finish all the work for selection, the secretariat has formulated selection plan and hold Standing Council, passing the proposal list of member, executive director and principal for the 6th of council and relevant selection plans.

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