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China Cut the Import and Export of Float Glass

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(China Glass Network) According to the latest news of Customs Bureau, actual export of China’s flat glass was 14.4 ten thousand tons in October, down by 1.9 ten thousand tons compared with September, annulus comparing dropping11.6%, up by 9.75% year-on-year. The export price was 366.01 dollar/ ton during the month, decreasing by 0.03%.


In addition, the actual export of float glass was 12.27 ten thousand tons, rising by 12.81 % year-over-year, annulus comparing dropping 12.17%, accounting 85.19 % of the export. The export price was 358.23 dollar/ton, decreasing by 0.85%.


Actual export of ordinary flat glass was 7634 tons, down by 18.5% than last month. The export price was 404.77 dollar/ton, up by 1.46%. And rolled glass was exported actually 1.37 ten thousand tons, decreasing by 2.14% than last month. The export price was 413.35 dollar/ton, up by 5.55%


In October, China imported flat glass of 1.79 ten thousand tons, down by 9.38% month-on-month. Including it imported float glass 1.2 ten thousand tons, down by 6.16%, accounting 67.02% of the import. The imported ordinary flat glass was 2777 tons, down by 14.10%, accounting 15.51%.


The above data showed that China cut the import and export of flat glass in October, the export price of ordinary flat glass and rolled glass raised, various glass was imported less, the demand of glass market was weak at home and abroad.

Source: glassinchina.comAuthor: shangyi

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