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Four Developing Directions of Insulating Material in the Future

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(China Glass Network) Insulating material is divided into many species with wide application, such as, glass wool products, heat insulating blanket, heat insulating foam glass,


Building Material Analyst of S&P Consulting pointed out, the developing direction of insulating material is not only thermal insulation, but also other factors. It exists four developing directions of insulating material in the future. First, it will pay more attention to moistureproofing and waterproofing. Second, Application of nanometer technology in the insulating material also is a main research direction. Third, research emphases of inorganic insulating material is reducing energy consumption in production process, limiting the discharge of dust and fiber and decreasing the dosage of adhesive. Moreover, research emphases of organic insulating material is finding out the more suitable vesicant to replace F11, improving flame resistance of material and reducing the production cost. Fourth, researching and producing multifunctional composite insulating material, enhancing the insulating efficiency of products and expanding product applications will become an inevitable trend of development.


‘Analysis Reports of Market Research & Investment Trend of Insulating Material in China of 2011-2016’ shows, the market of building energy-saving material in China is large, especially building insulating material, the market of wall insulating material also will be expanded. As a enterprise producing insulating material, must grasp market direction and produce insulating products more fitting with the demand. So that the enterprises of insulating material can obtain the developing power.

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