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Solar module manufacturing: Saint-Gobain Solar launches global support program to back PV module makers in order to reduce costs, increase capacity

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As demand for renewable energy sources continues growing, the pressure for solar module manufacturers to produce high-quality modules quickly is more intense than ever, Saint-Gobain Solar (Chaineux, Belgium) emphasizes in a press release.

Saint-Gobain Solar now launches its "SolarBond" global support program, which is designed to provide tailored support to minimize waste and ensure production plants are running at capacity, ultimately saving costs.

As part of the program, company specialists offer high-level consultation on use of technologies such as "SolarBond" Frame Tapes and "SolarBond" Membranes, as well as assist with the adoption of new technologies, including "SolarBond" InFrame, an intelligent, innovative and instant solution for solar module manufacturing.

Optimizing product and process performance

“Obtaining all the technologies required for the manufacture of solar modules is not the same as being able to piece them all together in a way that ensures maximum output, speed and efficiency over the long-term,” said Geoffrey King, Market Manager, Renewable Energy, Saint-Gobain Solar.

“With our specialized customer support program, we’re able to guide manufacturers in optimizing product and process performance every step of the way to achieve the desired level of productivity and efficiency.”

Evaluation and implementation of new technologies

The support program begins with an initial client needs assessment exercise. Laminate and frame adhesion mock-up testing, for example, can be done to evaluate different framing technologies and designs that best suit the client’s individual application requirements. Once the most suitable technology is determined, Saint-Gobain Solar helps to ensure proper implementation.

This is key especially for the implementation of new technologies, such as "SolarBond" InFrame, where prototype modules can be processed using the customer’s components, after which the modules are returned for internal evaluation or can be submitted for external certification testing.

Test samples according to IEC, UL standards

To further support customers, Saint-Gobain Solar is also capable of conducting evaluations on small test samples of all the aging conditions that are applicable to PV modules according to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and UL standards. In the next stage, the "SolarBond" support team offers ongoing guidance and support to ensure that manufacturers realize maximum benefits of the new technology installation and enhancements. The program results in reduced costs, labor savings and/or added sustainability benefits, Saint-Gobain Solar accentuates.

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