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Shahe Hebei: Upgrade the Glass Industry

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(China Glass Network) Shahe enhances the ability of glass deep-processing, shifts the production of flat and building glass to deep processing , electronic optical and new energy glass, conquers the high-end in industry.


After 30years’ development, Shahe Glass Industry now has become the largest glass production base in China, possessing 47 flat glass production enterprises. It has annual production capacity of 105 million heavy boxes, accounting about 20% of national glass production. As the “ China Glass City” and “China Glass Industry Base” named by China Building Decoration Association, but most of the products are flat glass and building glass. As a result, the Shahe Glass Industry is big not strong.


According to the requirements of “ Large Amount, High Quality, Superior Structure” in Industrial economy, aiming at strengthening the industry, Shahe moved forward 60 glass projects with the investment of RMB 40 billion this year, almost of which are deep-processing and support projects. “By the end of ‘Twelfth Five Years Plan’, production value will be increased from RMB 15 billion to 100billion. Moreover, the deep-processing rate will exceed 50%, the technology equipment and quality of products will reach the advanced level in the industry. Shahe Glass Industry will become the glass research base with significant influence in the world,” QU Bin said, municipal party secretary of Shahe.


Optimize the layout of glass industry, improve the ability of deep processing. Shahe glass industry is divided into the safety & energy-saving glass, new energy glass, special glass etc. Currently, Shahe Jinbaijia Industry Park has been upgraded to provincial development zone, renamed as “Shahe Economic & Technological Development Zone”, covering nearly 50 square kilometers. It will further promote glass industry to dimensions and intensive production. At the same time, Shahe built the cooperative relationship with Wuhan University of Technology, Tsinghua University, China Building Materials Federation etc, played the role of Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute, improved the ability of glass processing research and development, accelerated upgrade and optimization of the industry.

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