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China supplier of Smart glass-Electric Smart Glass manufacturer

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The modern office and the living environment more and need to have to open and hidden double function space, the light glass can make an open space instant invisible, also can make a hidden scene emerge in moments before, this time and space transformation can simply press the switch on1/1000Seconds realized.The light in the United States the earliest application glass space flight center (NASA), it is used widely in high-grade building, the control center, bank, hospital, automobile, shopping mall, toys, aerospace, ships, etc.Guangzhou jia hao findsThe production of glass that move light with both good daylighting function and view covered function, and has a certain energy conservation and flowery colour profusion, adornment effect, is ordinary transparent glass tinted glass or the incomparable real high-tech products, it has infinite broad application prospect.

Dimmer glass unique display technology and superior projectors effect, in used in outdoor sign, billboards, projection screen, present a very good expression.For example, the commercial buildings in advertising in the window, at ordinary times can be used as a common glass used, the projection and need to show when, can through the projection, broadcast an dynamic, colourful promo, relative and ordinary glass window for, silent and combine, the diversity of its function effect is incomparable.

In addition, the light glass can also be used to commercial entertainment, aviation and navigation, railway transportation, and storefront Windows and other national key facilities place, and other fields, application scope is so large, it serves to show the technology product market how broad prospect.People praise the glass is light21St century the most fashionable glass.




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