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Soda Market in China: Price are Falling

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(China Glass Network) President of China Soda Industry Association WANG Xiling pointed out at the interview, with the falling of flat glass’s price, the increase of soda production and the difficulty of collecting payment etc, soda’s price is falling in China. According to the sources, regulation on real estate will continue to be implemented, as well as the increase of cost and production, soda market will be not optimistic.


WANG Xiling said that, the price of soda drops after November. It existed three main reasons: First, the price of flat glass continuously falls. Second, production of soda increased. Third, under the influence of macroscopic situation, the collection of payment was so hard that enterprises were forced  to reduce price to promote the collection.


In addition, with the continuous increase of price of raw material, energy and transportation, the pressure on cost in soda industry are growing stronger.


WANG Xiling also stressed that the effect of decrease of US credit ratings and European debt on global finance, economy and export are uncertain. And European and American debt crisis is likely to lead the decrease in demand for soda. Then it will affect the export of domestic products. But the influence extent is undefined at present. So the enterprises shall keep a close eye on development trend.

Source: GlassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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