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Glass Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with Unified Communications

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The FINANCIAL -- Accura Glass Bending has been in business for more than 12 years, supplying unique glass products in a variety of complex shapes.


Its services include top-end intricate printing using high-resolution photography, logos, and patterns applicable to large and small glass surfaces. Accura Glass is also known for its custom laminating and coloured glass applications that are tailored specifically to clients' needs. Initially consisting of only two employees with a shop of just under 2000 square feet, the company now boasts a staff of 20, encompassing nearly 22,000 square feet.

Because Accura's clients have very specific requirements, they demand a high level of service with no compromise, so it is imperative Accura deliver top-quality products on time, every time. To help ensure this, the proper business tools need to be in place. At the same time, Accura is committed to growing its business and is constantly looking for solutions that can meet the day's challenges while anticipating future needs.

As the company grew, it began to face certain technological challenges that put a strain on its business plan. First and foremost, the company lacked a single, cohesive communications network. As Accura purchased new desktop computers, the company connected the computers to a very basic hub-based network solution. Eventually, however, Accura found itself with a number of desktop computers operating independently of each other, without a proper information-sharing platform. As a result, employees had difficulty easily accessing and sharing important customer information.

The addition of a new network-based, direct-to-glass printer pushed the makeshift network to its limits, while exhausting much of the business' bandwidth. This situation hampered employee productivity and threatened Accura's ability to deliver products on time. More importantly, the network limitations made it difficult for Accura to pursue its overall business growth strategy.

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