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Ornament Glass-Blowing: A Unique Holiday Tradition

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - For many families, the holidays are a time to partake in yearly traditions and create some new ones.  In Fort Payne, we found a unique holiday activity your family might love, that’s sure to brighten your Christmas—and Christmas tree.


Orbix Hot Glass Studio is nestled high on Lookout Mountain.  It's a picturesque setting that inspires Cal Breed and his wife Christy to transform glass into art.


Cal Breed says, “It’s naturally a very beautiful material. You find a small piece of broken glass and you put it in your pocket, because it is beautiful. It's very reflective and refracts light."


The couple sells their art in galleries, but also found a more unconventional and festive way to share their glass blowing passion with others.


Each holiday season, the Breeds open their workshop to the public, where both young and old create their own Christmas ornaments out of glass.


Breed explains, “We have people who come here to make their Christmas presents, we have people that come here to make a memory with their family and they do it yearly, like going to cut down a tree, they go and blow a glass ornament."


Among those making new holiday memories is Rylee Thomas.  The way she tells it, her mother packed the whole family into the car and brought them to the studio for a special surprise.


Thomas says, "I was just wondering where we were going, out in the middle of nowhere, and then I saw the sign, and I knew immediately that that's what she was bringing us here for, and so I thought that was really sweet of her."


Each member of Thomas's family created an ornament.  The first step: choosing the colors.  Then, a professional shapes the glass and adds the pigment, and quickly following that, allows the customer to blow through a tube and watch the glass expand into what will be their ornament.  Then, Breed says, “We put a hook on it and cool it down very slowly overnight."


Thomas says her family's ornaments will all end up on her parents' tree; a reminder of a new tradition and newfound respect for a timeless art-form, just as the Breeds intended.

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