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Low-E Glass become Preferred Material of Door&Window

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(China Glass Network) Under  the popularization of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Policy , upgrading of Door&Window building materials has become the latest consuming trends.

Urban traffic, daily consumer goods and energy supply are faced with enormous pressure, energy-saving and environmental protection has become the main industry trends, with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization in our country,


Low-E coated glass (Low-E glass) is a product plated by multiplayer metal or other compounds. It is featured of good heat insulation for its high visible light transmittance (VLT) and high middle & far infrared ray reflectivity. Based on the vacuum magnetron sputtering system and according to different needs for energy saving.


Database shows that energy-saving glass door, window and curtain walls are rather popular among consumers, market of energy-saving keeps expansion this year. It’s the promotion of construction levels  that mainly contributes to the sales of energy-saving glass door, window and curtain walls, which also brings huge market demand at the same time.

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