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Ultra-white Glass Market is Promising

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(China Glass Network) With the excess capacity and industry reshuffle, it is inevitable for building glass enterprises to upgrade the technology and transform. At the Summit Forum on Safety and Energy Conversation of Building Glass, building glass industry put forward the developing slogan of “More Safe, Fashionable, Efficient and Energy-saving”. It concluded that the ultra-white glass was promising.


When accepting a interview , the chairman of CSG ZENG Nan said, “It exists serious excess capacity in the industry. Now there are lots of enterprises producing flat glass. Most enterprises began to stop production for the loss. Under condition of excess capacity, the final way is to upgrade and innovate industry technology, take a path to difference strategy."


The building curtain wall has a history of 30 years in China. The output of building curtain wall was 90 million square meters, accounting more than 80% of the global production. At present, the output of building curtain wall ranks the first in the world. China has become a large producing and applying curtain wall country.


Although glass industry didn’t start late in China, the whole level of glass products was low. At the moment, the application of building curtain wall still concentrates in ordinary toughened glass. So ultra-white and other high-tech glass may have larger space for development.


It is introduced that ultra-white glass is applied most widely in the photovoltaic industry for high luminousness. But the self-explosion of ordinary tempered glass caused attention in recent years. So ultra-white glass began to be used widely in the building curtain wall for safety and beauty etc.


According to the data, ultra-white glass was gradually expanded the application in the building curtain wall in the last two years. The completed area of Chinese public building was 461 million square meters in 2010. It used ultra-white glass of 5.767 million square meters at least, including ultra-white float glass and ultra-white rolled glass. It is estimated that the application of ultra-white glass in building curtain wall was less 10%. With the improvement on life, ultra-white glass market has a wide prospect.



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