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Qingdao Hengda’s Demonstration Project of Building Integrated PV

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(China Glass Network) Qingdao Hengda’s demonstration project of building integrated PV makes full use of rich solar resource in Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone. It installs solar modules on building roof, eastern, southern and western facades, forming PV roof and photoelectric curtain wall. Then it constitutes PV grid power system to make the building generate electricity by itself. The project is complying with the standard requirement of building integrated PV. The DC rated generated power of the whole PV power system is 1MW. And the area of PV installation is 20000 squares meters. After completion of the project, it is predicted that the annual output is 1.28 million KWH. All will be used in the production of Qingdao Hengda.


Except reforming facades, the building will be reconstruct one floor to be the special PV measuring and testing room, as well as monitoring the PV system. Its wall facing sun will be adopted the building material laminated component made of amorphous silicon thin film and vacuum glass with installation form of invisible curtain wall. Then the remaining wall will adopted vacuum composite hollow glass which is Qingdao Hengda’s patent product. And the rooftop is used transmitting thin-film hollow PV modules. The transformation doesn’t affect the original daylighting and ventilation. This floor will become the first demonstration project of energy-saving building integrated vacuum glass and PV modules. The relevant research on energy-saving technology will be done here. The DC rated output power of whole system is 60KW. The implementation of this project can do statistics research on energy-saving data, integrate the PV technology and vacuum glass technology, form the engineer of green building and low-consumption building. It also can provide information for the design of PV solar building in the future, with great significance.

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