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Japan's Sanden Turns Heads With Transparent Touchscreen Display

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When patrons stand in front of the machine, facial-recognition technology determines their age and gender to tailor content on the display to match their anticipated tastes. When the machine is not in use, animations on the display, like a large digital clock, attract passersby. |


Sanden is developing the novel vending machine in conjunction with


Sanden Corp., founded in 1948, was formerly known as Sankyo Electric Co. Ltd. It makes a wide range of vending machines. It also manufactures and markets automotive, commercial cooling and heating products in Asia, Europe and North America.


The company recently bought Toshiba's cup-vending business. It also unveiled a beverage vending machine that can continue to deliver product when its electrical supply is interrupted, as during a natural disaster.


SandenVendo America (formerly Vendo) is based in Dallas. Its packaged cold drink venders are widely used in the U.S.


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