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42 PV Power Projects Got Government’s Approval in Qinghai Province

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(China Glass Network) 42 PV power projects got government’s approval in Qinghai Province this year. Qaidam PV power station of gigawatt level has started to be constructed. Recently, inspection team of PV power station has completed the first stage work of 20 PV projects in Qaidam. It made preparations for grid acceptance and production start.


It is said that the start of numerous PV power stations will bring serious challenges to the safe operation of Qinghai’s power grid. Therefore, Qinghai Power Company sped up the construction of supporting power grid. In order to standardize the technology conditions of PV power station grid and prevent the offline of PV power stations in large scale, Qinghai Power Company, China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and some PV power enterprises launched thematic studies on grid technology of PV power station in large scale, and built transformer substations. It laid foundation for the design, acceptance and commissioning of PV power station’s supporting engineering. At present, a new transformer substation of 330KV has been completed, located in gobi desert, 30 kilometers east of Germu. As one of most important supporting gird projects of Qaidam PV stations, it will connect 13 PV power stations.




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