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Analysis: Immense Potential in Anti-fire Glass Market

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(China Glass Network) Many major fire accidents happened In the past two years, such as fire in the CCTV new building, fire in high-rise building of Jing’an Shanghai, causing severe loss and damage. The state has done safety inspection on fire control in a wide range. Additionally, people’s awareness of fire prevention has been improved. Anti-fire glass has many advantages, including preventing fire spreading, heat and smoke insulation etc. When the fire occurs , it can create favorable conditions for protecting people, property and building, decease the loss to greatest extent. Moreover, the anti-fire glass is famous among citizens. So it exists immense potential in anti-fire glass market.

Except for fire glass, we should pay attention to the importance of glass frame. Without fireproofing, the glass frame is easy to be softened and deformed in the case of fire. Then the anti-fire glass can’t function well. So it’s also important to equip fireproofing glass frame.


According to “Research Report on Sheet Anti-fire Glass Market in China 2011” released by S&P Consulting, the scale of anti-fire glass market was only 1million square meters in 2010. Compared with the developed countries, it has the big development space in China. And the market potential of fire glass is tremendous.



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