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Upgrade to First Class at Soldotna's Auto Glass & Detailing...

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Dirty vehicles and broken windshields are as common as fish on the Kenai Peninsula and can become a hazard as well as an annoyance during the long winter nights. Now thanks to glass and auto detailing expert Justin Walters you can clear your visibility and keep your car clean inside and out with a visit to Soldotna's Auto Glass & Detailing. Located on the Sterling Highway in the Ace Automotive building, just before the Birch Ridge Golf Course, the spa is the place for your camper, truck, or automobile where they promise to always upgrade you to first class service. "I've been doing glass repair for about ten years here on the Peninsula and decided I wanted to go into business for myself, so this month we opened the new shop and now I have my dad and my wife working for me in our family owned glass and detailing business, it's exciting to out on my own," said Justin.


From rock chips and bull's-eyes repairs that can impair and distort your visibility, to total windshield replacement Justin can do the job right, "It's best to get your car in as soon as possible after the damage occurs so we can fill the chip before the windshield cracks and causes a total replacement to be necessary. If you turn your defroster on cold windshield it'll cause the crack to go clear across in seconds so its best and cheaper to get it fixed immediately," he explained. A simple bull's-eye repair only takes 15-20 minutes no appointment is necessary and is only $30.00 for the chip and $10.00 for the second.


If you want to treat your car to an ultra clean start for the New Year Justin and Ed specialize in making your car show room cherry and keeping it that way, "Detailing is kind of a spa like situation for your car we like to start with a full body wash including under the carriage and hood and get all that grime and road tar off and then we have an excellent wax we put on that keeps the shine lasting a long time. Then after a major detail we like to have you come back once a month to keep your car looking sharp for a very reasonable rate to maintain your detail," said Walters adding that they not only use state of art products to clean your vehicle inside and out, but also add a lot of good old fashioned elbow grease to guarantee you get First Class Service every visit. Until the end of the year Soldotna's Auto Glass & Detail is offering a 10% discount on all windshields, repairs, and detailing packages. Regardless of the holiday or occasion a gift card for an auto detail is always appreciated and can be purchased anytime at Soldotna's Glass & Detailing. Stop by or give Justin, Christine, or Ed a call at 262-2111.



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