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Daily Glass Products Tend to be High-end and Art

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(China Glass Network) Recently, the fourth council of sixth term of China Daily Glass Association concluded that the new direction of daily glass product’ structure was high-end and art.




With the rapid development of China daily glass industry in the recent years, enterprises’ number, scale and production increased sharply. At present, there are more than 3000 daily glass enterprises in China, with production of nearly 20 million tons. Compared with the production of ten thousand tons in the early stage of new China, it has got great achievement.


It is undeniable that the products’ quality is low while production expansion. Additionally, the problem about low added-value is extremely outstanding. The director of China Daily Glass Association MENG Lingyan said, the contradiction in the daily glass product structure is highlighted. The production capacity is relative surplus. Although the supply of middle and low products exceeds the demand, high-end products shall be imported in a large number. At the heavy cost of resources, energy and environment, profit is compressed yet.


It was learned that he development of high-end daily glass products has been the important direction in the guidance of “ Twelfth Five Years Plan” in the daily glass industry.


Relevant experts expressed the opinion that, in order to improve the product level and develop high-end products, daily glass enterprises should strengthen the scientific research, upgrade equipment and process, phase out the backward production capacity, get breakthrough in the scientific development and innovation of science and technology. The fundamental starting point for enterprises is to value innovation on research and design.




The chairman of China National Light Industry Council BU Zhengfa said, Chinese work of glass art is highly skilled, with a long history. It enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. Especially after the reform and openness, the great development in the industry brought a rare opportunity for the prosperity of glass art. A large quantities of talents created innumerable immortal high-quality goods.


Daily glass products is not only the practical goods, but also the work of art giving people appreciation of beauty. The promotion of products level and development on high-end products mean not only the improvement on quality, but also increasing innovation, promoting the artistic taste, adding art elements, some experts thought.




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