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New Low-e Hollow Glass Opens Green and Energy-saving Era in 2012

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(China Glass Network)Now low-e hollow glass is recognized as the most energy-saving glass in the world. It is coated with silver on the surface, which increases visible light through it and reduces loss of heat. So it can resist the heat outside entering the indoor in summer, reducing air conditioning energy. Otherwise, it can prevent heat indoor flowing out in winter, reducing the loss of heat. Ultimately, it realizes energy saving throughout the year.


According to relevant statistics, the loss of heat through windows accounts for one third of the heat consumption. If the new energy-saving glass is applied, it can reduce the loss through windows. And it can warm the indoor faster, last for more time, greatly improve the comfort in the room.


The new energy-saving glass has more beautiful colors. The color of common glass doors and windows is relatively drab, but new energy-saving glass can provide many color options for customers, including colorless transparent, grey, blue, blue gray etc. Additionally, it adds the aesthetic feeling of housing and building.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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