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Light Pollution from Glass Curtain Wall of Tall Buildings

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(China Glass Network)With urbanization of Xiangyang, numerous high-rise buildings were constructed. Compared with other materials, glass curtain wall has advantages on light performance and aesthetic facade, but we can’t ignore its defect in highlight reflecting.


CPPCC member and vice president of Urban Planning Design Institute of Xiangyang TANG Li told journalists, besides laser searchlight and beams of light from large outdoor LED billboards, the main light pollution is from glass curtain wall of tall buildings. In the daytime, the highlight reflecting from glass curtain wall is easy to be dazzling for pedestrians. If this persists, not only affect citizen’s healthy, but also easily cause traffic accidents.


TANG Li suggested the relevant department shall carefully analysis the glass curtain wall’s influence on citizens in the review construction sketches. At present, the disputes caused by light pollution were resolved through consultation for economic compensation. It hasn’t specific mediation ways and compensation rules. So relevant departments shall more strictly control the review, scientifically plan the design of high-rise buildings and large outdoor billboards.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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