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Roof PV Projects Exploit PV Market Potential in USA

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(China Glass Network) Reducing policy barriers play a key role in solar energy competing with other energies. In order to promote the change, the minister of Energy Department of United States Steven Chu announced it will award 22 winning teams of “Sun Shot Rooftop Challenge” 12 million dollars, which was organized by Energy Department of United States


Steven Chu announced the winners of " Sun Shot Rooftop Challenge " in Dec.2011.


“Sun Shot Rooftop Challenge” is one part of “Sun Shot Initiative” of Energy Department. “Sun Shot Initiative” aims at making solar energy has the competitive advantage on cost compared with other energies. Its purpose also is to increase the effective use of solar energy and make America become a leader in PV market.


“ Energy Department subsidized these teams to exploit solar energy market potential in America through this project. And it makes the investment and application of solar energy more rapid and convenient, less cost. These teams can reduce the cost of civil and commercial photovoltaic system, as well as save money and time for local governments which are facing with a tight budgets”, Steven Chu said.


About 40% of cost on civil or commercial solar power stations is not "rigid cost", but complex “soft cost", such as such as examination and approval, regional planning and photovoltaic system grid.


In fact, a report released by Sun Run showed the local examination and approval added each residence 2500 dollars for PV installation. To make matters more complicated, the process of examination and approval is not only detailed, but also different in each area.

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