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New Material Policy Leads Development Direction in Future

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(China Glass Network) “Twelfth Five Years Plan about Strategic New Industries” completed by China National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments has been submitted to State Council, as well as plans on seven strategic new industries.


On the basis of GDP’s development speed and scale estimate in China, it is predicted that the increased value of strategic new industries will about RMB 4300 billion by 2015. And it will reach RMB11400 billion by 2020. To achieve the above goals, the value of strategic new industries shall realize the annual speed of 24.1% between 2011 and 2015, 21.3% between 2016 and 2020.


According to “Twelfth Five Years Plan about Strategic New Industries”, the following new materials shall be particularly concerned about: organic silicone materials with high performance, composite materials, energy conservation and environmental protection material, fluorine &silicon material with high performance etc.


Energy conservation and emission reduction of “Twelfth Five Years Plan” will implemented with the accountability system. The relevant index has been issued to each province and city by the end of 2011. In order to enhance the quality of economic growth, economic growing speed decreased to 7%-8%, energy consumption for every unit of GDP fell by 16%, and the carbon intensity decreased by 17%. The relevant energy-saving materials include polyurethane materials, PS material etc.


In addition, China made a longer-term commitment that it will fully eliminate HCFC by 2030 with the support of multilateral fund. The elimination of HCFC will bring related alternative great market.


On the whole, policy support decides the development direction and speed of the new material industry. Along with related support policy in succession, various new materials will have a fast development during “Twelfth Five Years Plan”.


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